Ciclovias Bogota

Bogotá, Colombia ,2020

In the midst of the crisis, cycling spiked after social distancing protocols were put in place, lowering car trips and therefore decreasing air pollution and freeing up public transport for those who certainly need it. Also, it is considered a way to protect people doing essential trips effectively and rapidly.

Cities such as Bogota, Colombia recognized this and prioritize transport by bike by enabling 22 km of temporary bicycle lanes that provide an alternative of safe transportation for the citizens, to keep people moving while enhancing and providing guidelines of social distancing.
Other cities are acting similarly: Mexico City is considering to provide temporary bike lanes, countries like Netherlands and Germany are protecting the right to cycle, New York City a plan started to build two emergency bicycle lanes to plug gaps in the network, in London the bike-share system is now free for health workers to use, among other examples.

Photo credits: nico_estupinan (twitter)

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