CASA Schützenplatz

Stuttgart, Germany ,2016

A great #community led #streetexperiment is the CASA Schützenplatz in Stuttgart, Germany. The concrete square which was formerly used for parking only without any human interactions was already decided by the city to be refurbished in 2013 – but still as a car dominated roundabout. A group of neighbors successfully intervened with a new proposal of a half-roundabout with a pedestrian plaza. Due to its slow progress (until today!), the neighbors decided to redesign their plaza in their own temporary way.

Started with only one #parklet – a blue “casa” – as an architect student’s project in 2016, the Schützenplatz quickly evolved to be a lively community spot where neighbors came together having brunch and organizing events and at the same time it provided a safe environment for pedestrians and cyclists. Over the years they added an #urbangarden and a stage, collaborated with local initiatives like @wanderbaumallee.stuttgart, built a bike-rack and a community board to share info.

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