Calles Conscientes

Rionegro, Colombia ,2019

This #urbantransformation in Rionegro, Colombia is one of our favorites!

“Calles Conscientes” (Concious streets) started last year as a #tacticalurbanism project by @bid_ciudades in collaboration with multiple public and private actors: @AlcaldiaRionegro@arquiurbano@IAASArch, Mcrit, Iber Geo, @fundacionpintuco as well as local artists and citizens. The area around the Hospital San Juan de Dios was pedestrianized and painted with a floral mulitcolored mesh of hexagons in order to extend the waiting area of the hospital to public space, improve critical intersections and strengthen local businesses.

In 2020, the relevance of this #streetexperiment became even more evident in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. To ensure save and #activemobility and to address the need of more qualitative #publicspace, the intervention was continued as “Calles Conscientes y Seguras” on two important axes of the city.

The first photo shows Carrera 48 which now connects the hospital to the historic center with new pedestrian areas, crossings and a blue bike lane. Second photo shows the other pilot street in touristy San Antonio with a new traffic calming concept and speed limit of 20 km/h where more public space was needed for the many visitors. Last one shows the transformation of the initial project around the hospital.

Photo credits: @pr.arq, via @arquiurbano

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