Brooklyn Green Street

Williamsburg, NY, USA ,2016

From 2007 to 2013, the @newyorkcitydot set out to redefine the city’s streets by upgrading ageing infrastructure, adding a bike share programme and adding 400 miles of bike lanes, modernising the bus system and installing 60 pedestrian plazas.

In addition, it aimed to work with community organisations and commission artists to beautify the streets through temporary public art installations.

This is how artist Andrea Von Bujdoss, better known as Queen Andrea, created this vibrant mural in Williamsburg’s Ascenzi Square in 2016. This mural, 3475 feet in size, is inspired by the diversity of New York City. With it visually stunning light displays, it illuminates the public space bringing it back to life.

This mural was part of the three “asphalt activations” that have been appearing at certain Citi Bike stations.

Its social acceptance made it permanent. However, as the pavement has not been changed, illegal parking is still occurring today.

How do you think lack of compliance could be reversed?

Photos by: @queenandreaone, Bedford+Bowery

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