Black Lives Matter Mural

Seattle, USA ,2020

Seattle’s #BlackLivesMatterMural in the so-called “Capitol Hill Antonomous Zone” #CHAZ uses street space as a platform to spread the important #BLM message of the current protests.
This project was organized by two community members and artists @tdubcustoms and @joe.nix where each letter was designed by another Black or Indigenous artist.

B: @kimishaturner
L: @perrypaints
A: @onesevennine
C: @thecurlynugget
K: @thesoufender

L: @tooth_taker and @drakesignanddesign
I: @stattheartist
V: @aohamer
S: @snekeism

M: @moses_sun and more
A: @artbreakerbt
TT: @tdubcustoms
E: @future_crystals
R: @thekingfroshow

Photo credits: @kylekotajarvi

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