Vienna, Austria ,2020

The City of Vienna is introducing 9 temporary “Begegnungszonen” during the corona virus pandemic, 4 of them already this weekend and the remaining 5 next week. In addition, 20 streets that were already closed to motorized traffic will be opened to pedestrians.
“Begegnungszonen” are streets where speed is limited to 20 km/h and walking on streets is allowed.
The selected streets show deficits in the width of their sidewalks and lack green spaces nearby, so that social distancing was not possible (Swipe to see where they are located!).
A map recently published by the TU Wien shows where too narrow sidewalks in combination of a high concentration of older people at risk from Covid-19 occur (swipe!). With this temporary change of road use, the city wants to meet the needs of pedestrians and allow them to keep the necessary safety distance.
What do you think of this measure to minimize the risk of infection? Can temporary changes like this also contribute to a systematic change in mobility behavior?

Photo credits: Birgit Hebein (Twitter), TU Wien, Kurier/Gilbert Novy

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