AQT (Autoreduzierte Quartiere für eine lebenswerte Stadt)

Munich, Germany ,2023

The Car-Reduced Quarters for a Livable City (AQT) is redefining how we live and move in our cities.

In response to pressing questions about urban mobility and its impact on climate emergency and social justice, the AQT project is dedicated to reducing individual car traffic and improving the quality of public spaces in two of Munich’s neighborhoods, Südliche Au and Walchenseeplatz.

Over the next five months, a collaboration between researchers, students from the Technical University of Munich, the City of Munich and partners from civic society and industry will test various measures to promote alternative mobility and transform street space into a livable space. The innovative interventions will turn previously car-centric areas into green meadows, raised beds, and meeting places, providing residents and visitors with a safe haven to freely enjoy the public realm.

Explore the repurposed space and share your valuable feedback. Together, we can shape neighbourhoods by prioritising sustainability, social interaction, and community well-being.

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