‘’ Everyone is a pedestrian at some point of our daily journeys, even the drivers once they step out of their cars.’’ 🚶🚘
The main point of this project ‘’Anda Mérida’’ (=Let’s walk, Mérida) is to transform the city in benefit of people while putting a touch of colour and joy. 1290 m2 including 2 intersections and 5 participative murals (representing cultural elements) were modified with 795 litres of paint and 3 urban furniture games.

This initiative of collective tomate turned into an immense collaboration between different public administrations and the citizens for 54 days with different workshops. Ownership was considered to be essential for the long-term change and community was in the centre of the focus while developping this socio-artistic mobility methodology.
‘’It is incredible the impact that some remarking on the ground and indications can have on our daily flows and dynamics.’’

Some people think that modes should interact and coexist in an harmonious way in order to achieve road safety. And you? How do you think we can make our streets safer?

Photos by: @colectivotomate

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