A vibrant community

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia ,2021

The Saudi Arabian capital published a report on identified problems: pavement encroachment, random parking of vehicles and other obstacles for pedestrians, high vehicle speeds…

To address these challenges, Riyadh launched the Dakka (#دكة) programme in February 2021. Through tactical urbanism, it aims to improve and revitalise the capital’s environment and urban landscape. Creating interactive and vibrant public spaces aims to ensure an enriching interaction between the city and its residents.

The participation of citizens in recreational, cultural and sporting activities, together with higher availability of services, aims to improve citizens’ quality of life, in line with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s vision for 2030.

The programme includes various actions and locations within the city and its implementation is carried out gradually. These include:

– Various urban markets during the day, such as the one in Prince Muhammad bin Abdulaziz Road. These feature natural products and cultural activities that highlight the rich cultural heritage.
– Transforming urban voids in Nada neighborhood
– An environment awareness campaign aimed at strengthening community cohesion
– Addition of green spaces and safe pedestrian crossings

What do you think of this programme? Would you also like to have a space for dialogue with your local council?

Photos by: @amanatalriyadh, @saudiprojects

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